Video Doorbell 3 Plus Hardwired but NOT Charging

Fully charged the battery before installed the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. After 2 weeks, it showed it only had 23% battery. Next day, 20%. Charged the battery again, and then the percentage of the battery just continues to drop. Now the battery is 12%. The battery of the ring doorbell seems can not be charged thru hardwire. The volt of our old doorbell wire is 12v. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks.

Hi @Drewsan. A battery that drains quickly is often attributed to a weak RSSI or excessive motion events/Live View. What is the RSSI of your device? This can be found in the Ring app, under the Device Health tile. An RSSI of -40 is ideal. Next, in this history for your Doorbell, how many recordings per day are you experiencing? If you are experiencing more than 18 events, this could lead to excessive battery drain. Adjusting your Motion Zones will help mitigate the amount of unnecessary recordings. I hope this information is useful to you!