Video Doorbell 3 Plus goes offline & won't connect

Just putting a thread here as I have two Video Doorbell 3 Plus units that worked great for about 1 week, then both went offline (first 2 days ago, second yesterday) and refuse to connect to WiFi - neither Change WiFi network in the Device Health app page nor a full factory reset helps.

Always end up with 2 white flashing LEDs on the right side (indicating the doorbell was unable to connect to wifi).

My 3 other Stick-Up cams work perfectly so I know my wifi is OK. Every other non-ring computer works fine too…

On the phone w/ Ring community support waiting for an upper level technician to become available. I went through this hell 2 days ago for hours sitting on hold and nobody answered.

PS- It really bothers me that Ring 1st level technicians can’t give me a ticket# to reference for support calls. An email trail for the support call would substantially improve the customer’s feeling of accountability here too.

Finally got an L2 technician and they have provided an email trail. Tech believes my comcast router’s WiFi 6 feature is causing issues. Can’t turn it off unfortunately (802.11 ax) even through the admin site on the router.

Next step is to try a dumb WiFi router from the store as an access point. She also mentioned the Ring Chime Pro may help as it supports more WiFi bands and provides a proprietary access point feature to assist with the Video Doorbell’s connectivity.

The “dumb router” option worked.

I bought a $30 Linksys E2500 from Walmart (called a “Wi-Fi 4” router, not a Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 device) and set it up in “Bridge” mode, with an ethernet connection to my Xfinity router. The Linksys E2500 has a wifi SSID different from the Xfinity router.

I set up my Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus devices to use the Linksys SSID and now they work perfectly.

The Linksys is set up for Mixed Mode wifi, 802.11 b/g/n.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @embrun! This will likely help other neighbors with similar concerns. We are always working to to improve for our neighbors, so we will pass this feedback along to our teams here for a further look. Thanks again! :slight_smile: