Video Doorbell 3 No Audio

Out of the blue tonight, my doorbell’s audio stopped working. When motion is detected, there is audio for a second, and then it goes silent. I tried disabling/reenabling the audio and deleting/redownloading the app. There are no issues with the internet connection.

Hi @saadro! It is odd for audio to cut out, but checking the app and your wifi signal strength was a great step to take. Try power cycling your Doorbell by removing the battery for a few moments and replacing it, to see if this resolve this audio concern. Please also ensure bluetooth and vpn is disabled on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Flipping off my breaker was the only thing that worked. However, the problem returned 2 days later.

Hi @saadro. To build upon what Marley mentioned, you can also try to reboot your internet router by unplugging it for 3 minutes and then plugging it back in. Once the wifi has restored, try connecting to the Live View to see if there is an improvement to your audio. Additionally, this Help Center article here has some great tips and tricks on fixing audio issues!