Video Doorbell 3 network change without PIN

Hi. I have a battery-operated Video Doorbell 3 & need to change the wireless network. Unfortunately, our installer screwed it to the door pillar, & what with pandemic OCD, I binned all packaging after 4 weeks. Even when I select “setup without scanning” the system requests the PIN, which will involve the pain of unscrewing the gadget. I assume forget-device-&-reinstall will require the PIN too. Is there a legit way around this, please? Thanks.

Hi @Africargus. As an extra layer of security, the Ring App is requesting the 5-digit pin because you’re attempting to set the Doorbell up without scanning the QR code on the back of it. Are you walking through a brand new setup, or did you navigate to the Device Health page in the Ring App and select the Change Wi-Fi Network option? If you’re walking through changing the network, it should prompt you to press the setup button underneath the faceplate to put it into setup mode, but you shouldn’t have to scan it again unless you’re going through the Set Up a Device flow.