Video Doorbell 3 Flashing Blue

My ring doorbell 3 is now constantly flashing blue. It says not connected to the internet. my internet is fine as are all my other ring devices connected. I have tried with 3 different batteries, tried putting into setup mode and re-installing which worked for about 5 minutes. it then flashes again constantly. it will no longer go into setup mode with the orange button just constantly flashing blue.

A blue flashing light pattern will usually occur during setup and can mean it is attempting to connect or successfully connected. A flashing light on the Video Doorbell can also mean it is updating, which is common to happen after a setup.

If this concern persists, and the battery has been charged for several hours, try resetting your Video Doorbell by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Next, try another setup in the Ring, which should complete successfully. :slight_smile: