Video doorbell 3 draining 100% battery within days

I recently upgraded from a doorbell 2 to a video doorbell 3 when moving into our new house.

The video doorbell 2 would easily run for 1-2 months before needing a recharge. Furthermore it was installed a place with more traffic than now.

The new video doorbell needs a change within a week. I installed a fresh charged battery on saturday. Today beeing wedensday it is at 30%. Earlier tests will show it dropping from 20% to 0% within a single day.

All powersettings are set to recommended
I have disabled motion detection and pre-roll

I have tried with 3 sets of different batteries

The doorbell is installed in a private place, no roads, traffic, no neighbours passing by - only myself and the family comming and going.

Any ideas?

@tobywan Is it extremely cold or extremely warm where you are? Extreme temperatures can impact battery life. Try setting motion to people only and also set snap shot to a longer interval (maybe hourly or just turn it off).

At the moment around 20-25 degrees celsius at day, 12-15 at night, so should not do any major impact to battery time.

Motion is already set to people only.

@tobywan Indeed those temps should not cause an issue. I would be inclined to suggest a dodgy battery but you have tried 3 battery packs. It must be one of the settings somewhere causing it to be recording or detecting motion, either than or the doorbell itself is faulty. Do you have a lot of events in your timeline? Also what is the RSSI at the doorbell?

@bemak187 - Thanks

Almost no events, as I also temporarily disabled motion detection, so only actual ring alerts.

RSSI at the moment is -61, device is alround 5 meters from 1 of my 2 unifi access points.

Unifi software reports “100% wifi experience” from controller side.

@tobywan Looking more like a dodgy doorbell itself as it sounds like you have tried most stuff to investigate. Does the doorbell 3 support both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands? I cant remember. Maybe try forcing it to use 2.4ghz.

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