video doorbell 3 alerts

I am not at the property. Wondering how the alerts work. I have ring alerts, record motion, & motion alerts all checked. I noticed in the history there were a couple of events that I never saw a notification. Am I missing something on my settings or something? Should I be getting alerts on my iphone?

Hey @PLS. Do you have the Motion Verification featured enabled or People-Only Mode on? With both of these features, the Ring Doorbell 3 may still record motions, but after verifying if the motion is a person or a verified motion event, will only alert you if it is detecting people-like things or actual motion, versus the sun coming up or the wind blowing a tree. Do the events you did not get alerts for have motion in them? Feel free to share a video example here!

I have motion verification on only. Should I put it in people only as well? After reading more about this it seems this system does not have app nnotifications or a text notification a BIG thing keeping me from liking and maybe not keeping it. DANG! I had no idea that a flash across my screen and a tone was the only way you are notified. Bummer. Overnight and waking up in the morning I see nothing on my phone unless I go to the app, open it and look at the history box. This is not acceptable.

Hi @PLS! The Ring app comes filled with settings and features that can be used to fine tune your experience. The best method to explore these features and tailor your Ring device to the environment it is in, is through trial and error. Disabling people only mode would result in more notifications as all motion will alert, rather than people only.

The Ring app should also send a banner notification to your mobile device, and can play an audible notification as long as silent/ do not disturb mode is disabled. I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, and ensuring all permissions are accept for alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: