Video Doorbell 2nd generation - issues with eero wifi?

I just bought a 2nd generation Ring Video Doorbell (the 2020 version with the internal battery). I can’t seem to get it up and running on my wifi. I have a Ring 2 and 3 spotlight cams, all of which are working fine on the wifi.

I have an Eero mesh system.

Are there any known issues getting this doorbell connected to an Eero system? It sees the network in the list but when it tries to connect, it eventually just says “Setup did not complete” and the right side of the ring flashes white. No idea what the issue could be as all my other Ring devices are working fine.

Hi Joe:

I just bought the same doorbell the other day and connected it to my Eero mesh system without any issues. Just make sure that the 2.4 GHz band is available in Eero since I read that is required with the 2nd Generation which will not work with 5 GHz.

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