Video doorbell 2nd gen solar status hardwired and not charging

Hi There I have a 2Gen battery video doorbell. Recently added a solar panel. Unfortunately the status says hardwired and the batteries are not charging. I have tried resetting, reconnecting, holding the reset button for 30 secs. Calling ring for assistance and still not able to get the panel to charge the battery. Any other suggestions? The status says hardwired but never charging as battery % drops daily and even though pa el reveives about 5 hours direct sunlight.

Hi @user43401. This shouldn’t be happening. I would suggest following up with our support team again on this, considering you’ve done the troubleshooting steps that I typically recommend. You can reach out to us via private message on Facebook, or give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi Tom,

I have called twice and went through all the steps to try and solve this issue. The first time she told me that the solar panel is not functioning properly and I will receive an email and Ring will replace the solar panel. Unfortunately this was more than a week ago and still havent heard anything or received any other panel. The second time I called the guy told me that he is sure it will work now because we did a factory reset of the doorbell. I was sceptical and guess what? Nothing changed and I have the same result and the problem persists. Now I dont know if calling you will solve this issue anymore. This has left me with a bad experience with Ring. I will unfortunately not recommend this product or service to anyone anymore.