Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) - solar or doorbell power issues

Hi. I’m looking for help with my Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). I confirmed that there is power (low voltage) coming from my door bell wires, which I connected to the 2 screws on the back of my Ring. However, the status never indicates it’s from a wired source, nor does the battery level ever increase.

On a related note, I bought a solar panel. Let it bake in sun for a couple of days. Same issue. I see power from the solar panel but when I connect the wires to the 2 screws on the back - no charging and the status doesn’t change.

I tried this with 3 different ring’s with no luck. Any help?

Hi @user47895. Hardwiring a battery powered Doorbell will provide it with a trickle charge to help extend the amount of time between manual charges. This won’t charge the battery as quickly as manually charging it. The transformer on your doorbell circuit will need to be 8 to 24 VAC, 50/60Hz, 5VA to 40VA to support the Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). Make sure the Doorbell is properly installed as well.

Regarding using a Solar Charger with the Doorbell (2nd Gen), you cannot use both a Solar Charger and hardwire the Doorbell to an existing doorbell circuit. It would need to be one or the other. The Solar Charger also provides a trickle charge, and it requires several hours of direct sunlight per day in order to provide a charge.

If the Doorbell appears to be installed properly in either scenario, and the power requirements are met, I’d recommend following up with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we can’t see device details in order to thoroughly troubleshoot power-related concerns. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

Thanks for the info. I have multiple rings - one is connected to a wired doorbell and doesn’t show any change in it’s charging status or that it’s connected to a wired doorbell. The other is connected to a solar panel - with the same issue - no change in it’s charging status (e.g., it never increases, only decreases and never says it’s connected to a solar panel). I have another ring that I’m experimenting with along with the solar panel - with the same results. It can’t be that I have 3 defective rings or defective solar panels (I have 3) or a defective wired doorbell. I have tested the solar panel and the door bell and both are outputting power. Sun light isn’t a problem - these are installed in Florida.