Video Doorbell 2nd gen showing as hardwired with solar panel but not charging


I have had a solar panel charger for a week or two now and wanted to give it a while to confirm the behaviour before posting. When the panel has enough charge it is showing as hardwired which I understand as it’s connected to the hardware terminals, but unlike other posts I’ve seen it is not charging the battery at all so the battery charge is gradually decreasing.

It uses a micro USB port not C as the doorbell was bought a couple of years ago, but why is the battery not charging as it’s obviously picking up the solar panel connection? Is the unit faulty as it charges fine via a USB cable?

Hi @rpmiles81. What is the current battery level? How many hours of sunlight per day is your Solar Panel getting? How many Motion Events/Live Views are you activating per day? How much battery level drops over the course of 7 days? These questions will give us better insight into what is happening. Thank you, neighbor.

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