Video doorbell 2nd gen missing beginning of recording

The first several seconds are generally missing from my recordings. For example, when I walk to my front door, my video begins with me opening the front door. Doesn’t show me walking up which, depending on the direction I’m coming from, could be five seconds worth of recording. Then the recording ends after about five seconds because I’m no longer in the frame. So you see the person walking into my house for less than a second. This is how most of my videos are. This makes the recording useless because if I was there to do harm, I’m not on camera long enough to see what I look like. Is this the norm? Thanks

Hi @HollyDee. What is the RSSI for this device? Is there a hill or steps leading up to the front door? How are your motion zones configured? If possible, share a screenshot so we can gain a better understanding and offer suggestions.

I have a similar concern and am attaching a screen shot to describe. This view is of my driveway. Motion is only detected, as well as recording starts, only as someone gets close to the garage entrance where the camera is mounted. We do not get notified or get recordings until someone is well past the garbage cans in this view. We have the same concern as what HollyDee reported in the front of our house. Someone walking down the sidewalk only starts recording when they are almost 2/3rds into the motion zone. Hoping this board provides help, as we have been altering settings for almost 8 months with no success.

Hi @worf1969. The farther away from your Doorbell something is, the harder it will be for your Doorbell to detect that motion. However, I would suggest bringing your Motion Zone down to include less of the sky and trees to help fine-tune it a bit more. It may also help to have a few different Motion Zones rather than one large zone covering the entire view from your Doorbell.

Another factor to consider is the wifi signal strength your Doorbell is receiving. A weaker or less stable wifi signal will impact its performance, and could affect the motion detection to some degree. If this concern persists, you’ll want to follow up with our support team to see if there are any other troubleshooting steps they can assist with.

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