Video Doorbell 2Gen, slow charging via transformer


I have bought “Video Doorbell 2Gen”

Transformer for continuous charging installed in my house is (12 VAC, 8VA, 50/60Hz). I found that battery charging is extremely slow (6 hours only 2%). Can I use this transformer or should be replaced? if I fully charged the battery, is it ok to use it without replacing?

Regards / Johnny

Hi @Johnny_Kourieh. There are a few factors that can determine the way your Doorbell charges. Hardwiring serves as a trickle charge that should maintain the battery level with average use. Depending on the number of events/Live Views per day, the amount of charge you are getting is consistent with what is expected. I hope this information helps.

Hi Tom, Thank you. So I consider no problem to continue using installed transformer (8VA) since can feed doorbell but with slow charging, right?

Hi @Johnny_Kourieh. Transformers typically have 2 ratings, VAC and VA. A transformer with the rating of 8VA (Volt Amps) would not be sufficient. A transformer with 8VAC (Volts Alternating Current) is sufficient. You need both ratings to have a functioning doorbell. You can find out more about the power ratings here. I recommend a transformer with 16VAC and 30VA. This transformer here meets the necessary requirements.

Hi Tom,

First of all, nothing is mentioned in your website regarding minimum VA, Only mentioned max 40VA. “charging (8-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz)”
So how to know that requirements are 30VA.
Now I see that my device works good if temperature more than 3C and get 100% chraging. Less than 3C battery goes down directly to 78%. That exactly happened two times this week. It is very strange that two times get same percentage 78%.

Design flaw pure & simple. I was devastated when I realised I wasted my time ‘hardwiring’ the device. I’ll never buy another Ring product again.

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