Video Doorbell 2

Hello Ring Team,

I’ve Video Doorbell 2.
My question is, Why do I need internet to “view “ live camera while I’m on the same WiFi network ?
I’m asking this because I’ve checked almost all topics all are based on the internet speed. The only factor I believe it matters is the RSSI (WiFi strength). for me it’s green result.

So, do you upload all camera capture to somewhere (you server for example) and then we are downloading it although the app and the bell on the same WiFi network?


Hello All,
Does any one have an answer for my question.
Have a good day.


Hey @AlaaRahim. The Doorbell’s Live View can be viewed through the Ring servers, and therefore you are viewing a feed on your phone that is from the internet/servers, that your Doorbell is uploading to. From there, the videos are recorded if you have the Protect Plus Plan that covers this storage. You can learn more about video recordings in our Help Center Article here. Without a consistent wifi connection from your Doorbell to your home network, you may be unable to view Live View at times. If you have troubles viewing your Live View, please check out our Community post here.

Hi Chelsea,
Thanks for your reply and yes this is an answer to my question.

However I wonder if Ring team really consider to make a development to the app in order to give the user an option to view directly (without uploading the live view to Ring servers) as long as the bell is connected to the same WiFi network ; more convenient , faster and bandwidth saver.

Thanks again for your reply.


Alaa Rahim