Video Doorbell 2 with no QR code

Hello Neighbors,
I was gifted a used video doorbell 2 by my neighbor after I helped her replace it with her Google doorbell. The Ring had not worked in a few years. It did initially when it was first installed, but once the battery died, she was unaware she needed to recharge it (and the wall wart had also died).

It must be an older ‘2’, because it doesn’t have the QR code on the back. She managed to find the box for it but unfortunately it was determined by Ring CS that it must be the wrong box, as the MAC address didn’t match with the SN on the box. Hence, I could not add the Ring to my account using the mis-matched QR code (obviously). I couldn’t even add the device back into her own Ring account either (had tried that when troubleshooting why I couldn’t connect to it). She is an older lady, and doesn’t remember who actually installed it for her, or set the device up on her phone app. I still can’t figure out how she ended up with the wrong box for it. I did properly remove the device from her app before attempting to add it to my account.

Ring CS worked with me over the phone, but after determining it was a ‘2’ and not an older model, they could not supply me with a PIN code to make it work, that the ‘only’ way to connect it would be the proper QR or bar code to scan.

Finally, on to my question: I’m wondering if I can send the device back to Ring to have them generate a new (or retrieve the old) QR code? I can’t stand the thought of simply throwing away an otherwise perfectly good video doorbell!

Hi @Blades. Our support team would have provided you with any other options available for setup. A new QR code can’t be created for an existing Ring device, so you will not be able to set up this Doorbell. I apologize for the inconvenience here.

Thanks Caitlyn,
No inconvenience, just a huge waste of an otherwise perfectly good video doorbell!
Thank you again for verifying this.

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