Video Doorbell 2 - White LED's on continuously

After hardwiring my Video Doorbell 2, I notice that the white LED ring around the push button stays on all the time. Everything else works properly, door chimes, video, motion detection all works.
I did have to completely re-install the app though.

I have read two conflicting reasons for the white LED lights continuously on:

  1. It indicates a problem with setting up and connecting to Wifi and must be reset.
  2. It indicates that the device is idle, hardwired and receiving power.

So which is it? In my case there is no problem with the set up and connection, everything else is working properly.

In “Device Health” it does show ‘Power: Hardwired, Status 100%’. I did fully charge the battery after hardwiring.

I have also read many users saying the battery does not charge as it should when hard wired. The responses have been that it is a ‘trickle’ charge and the battery may need to be removed and recharged occasionally even when hard wired. No wonder, if it is a trickle charge, those ring of white LED’s constantly on drawing power defeats the trickle charge.

Is there a way to turn those white LED’s off? I don’t want them on, they serve no purpose during the day and only draw unwanted attention at night. They were never on when only powering the unit by battery.

One user here on the community suggested that since Ring came out with a solar charger they want users to buy that and did something in the app to cause hardwired batteries to charge inefficiently or not at all. Having those LED’s constantly on achieves that purpose.

I just spoke to customer support. I was told they have not developed a solution for turning those LED’s off. BS! They are not on when using battery power, why are they on while hardwired. The app used to show voltage supplied by the transformer, but Ring took that off their app. That was more useful than having the white LED’s on constantly. What purpose do they serve, especially during the day? They’re just using unnecessary power.

The only solution customer service offered was to continue pulling the battery out periodically to recharge it. THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION! HARDWIRING IS SUPPOSED TO ELIMINATE THE NEED TO PULL THE BATTERY FOR RECHARGING. The problem is those LED lights constantly on for no reason. Like my mother used to say “TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!!!”