Video Doorbell 2 Weatherproofing

Has anyone used/bought a weatherproofing device/cover or any other items like that? My doorbell does not have overhead covering of any sort and will have to deal with the elements. I do live in the Bay Area, CA where weather is not that drastic. But I guess will rain ruin the device? Any suggestions/mods that I can do please reach out…Thank You!

Hey @AKx47. Just wanted to chime in while you wait for recommendations from other neighbors! When it comes to our devices, our Ring devices are weather resistant but not weather proof, so if it goes through harsh weather, it may cause some damage. It is also recommended to not submerge your Ring Doorbell in water.

I’m personally from west coast and even on the harsh rainy, monsoon days, I haven’t come around damage to my devices to make them not work. They are also generally protected by an overhanging edge from the roof and such. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: