Video Doorbell 2 stopped recording/live view

Since April 2nd my video doorbell 2 has not recorded a single event. I get notifications for motion, but no videos. I am unable to do live view as well. Additionally it suddenly claims my signal is too weak to connect in live view. Device health shows my signal has not changed from what it’s always been. Is it a coincidence that it stopped working on April 2nd and there was an App outage on that date?

I too have been experiencing similar problems. My wife noticed that live view wasn’t working about a week ago. Then today I got a message saying that my doorbell was not connected to WIFI, so I went through the process of setting it up again. I got it to register in the app, but still cannot do live view, and I noticed that the last recorded event was April 6 (today is April 8). I also noticed that my linked chime, while showing up in the app as being “healthy” after I had to reinitialize it too, does not ring when the doorbell is pressed.

There was an article on system status indicating that there was a problem around April 2, but that had been fixed. I think not. I’m trying to find a phone number to contact them.

My Ring 2 has done the same thing. The last time it recorded any motion was on March 27th. I noticed that it had not been giving me notifications. I just went through setting it up again and it does the same thing. I can not access live view, it just gives me the never ending circle. If anyone has a solution please post here.

I Have had the samer thing happen last week. I reset it and it seemed to work for week but it started to do it again. it seems to be disconnected from the WiFi and i don’t see the Ring network on my phone’s WiFi Setings. Can anyone from Ring chime in on this??

2nd May 2020 here, and we pay for video for the Doorbell - but for days now I cannot get a live view, even though I do get one on the patio which only does live view and no recording. I have re-installed the app but it hasn’t helped at all. Does anyone have an answer to this black screen problem please? Many thanks, Helen.

Got the same problem myself except live view works. It’s not recording anything though

I meant to reply to the thread earlier.

I re-setup the ring doorbell twice and after the second time I got it working again.

A pain, but at least I have it working again.

After playing with several IOT technologies I am convinced that it is not yet truly ready for prime time.

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I forgot to come back here and reply with what I did to finally get my video doorbell 2 working again. First, make sure you have the latest app. My first attempt was to remove the app and reinstall it on my phone. This didn’t work so I cut power to the doorbell by shutting off the transformer (was a breaker in my panel box) and removing the battery (requires opening the cover). I left it offline for a few minutes. Then reinstalled the battery and turn the power back on. After a few minutes everything seemed to be back online and functioning again.