Video doorbell 2 samsung smart tv issue

Hello weird issue happening. When I go live from idevices the blue ring on the device does not light up which is normal. The weird thing is thatbwhen going live from the SmartThings app via samsung smart tv the ring does light up everytime I go live thus attracting attention to nearby people! I definitely think this is an issue it must be addressed asap

Hi @bodyspike. Just wanted to clear this up for you. When you are viewing your device’s Live View preview from the Ring app, you can view this without going “Live.” If you look into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Select any camera/doorbell > Live View > this will pull up the Live View but you will see the option to hit the green phone icon or the red phone icon. This is the preview before actually going “Live,” which shows you who is at your device without actually triggering the device to go Live and record.

Although, when you are asking your Smart TV to pull up the Live View, this will be triggering the device to go right into Live View, which then makes the devcie start recording, resulting in the blue ring turning on. The blue ring is on at any time the Doorbell is recording a video, like the Live View from your TV. Hope this help clear it up for you!

We are saying the same thing,

Smart tv it should have an option of live preview thus providing live image without the blue circle just like idevices…

the doorbell when recording video does not light the ring when on idevices

@bodyspike Perfect, I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion as to why this was happening. This is the way the integration is at this time, and I will make sure to pass on your feedback to the appropriate team. In addition, I also recommend passing on this feedback to the company of your Smart TV’s system as well so they are aware of your need for this alternative integration. :slight_smile:

Ring just said it wasn’t supported however you seem to have it working, were there any tricks? In my activity history i can see the live view requests. Its very frustrating.

Its still not supported and yes I still have this issue. I just dont use it from my samsung TV since its not fully implemented. So I use it from idevices without issue :slight_smile:

Sorry half my post got cut off, I cant get live view in smartthings, on my tv or on my android either…