Video Doorbell 2 - Hardwired but not chargin


I’ve had a video doorbell 2 for about 18 months and have gotten fed up with changing the batteries every couple of days so have hardwired it in.

I’m getting 16VAC from the transformer that the doorbell is connected to (including the recommended resistor). My RSSI is -45.

When I click on the app, the power source is “hardwired” and the power status shows as “very good”. I have fully charged the battery and fitted it, however the battery is still draining about about 30% a day.

My settings are:

Live view: ON
Tap Camera Preview for Live View: ON
Video recording length: 90s
Snapshot Capture: ON
Snapshot Frequency: Every 5 Minutes
Motion sensitivity: About 5% of the slider
People Only Mode: ON
Motion Zone: Set just to cover the path / driveway to my front door
Advanced Motion Detection: ON
Motion schedule: Not set
Motion Frequency: Frequently

I’m usually getting around 8 to 12 motion / people detections a day.

Should having the doorbell hardwired be able to sustain these settings?

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What an excellent breakdown of your configuration, @tlicense! This definitely provides some insight into what we can improve for battery usage. The number of motions you receive daily does not seem high, but there are certainly some alterations that can be made. HDR, Recording Length, Motion Frequency, and Snapshot Frequency can all impact battery level. Avoiding live view, unless necessary, can also help with battery usage. During this time of the year, many regions have cold weather which can cause your battery to drain quicker than normal. The power supplied is sufficient for providing a charge, and so optimizing what you can from the above should help with that charge being effective. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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