Video Doorbell 2 gaps in recording

Ring Video Doorbell 2: A person (my wife) exited the house and is recorded from 03:04:14pm through 03:27:12pm but is not recorded after that even though she was moving around on the porch and re-entered the house using the same door, she is not seen after 03:27pm. Snapshot is enabled but she does not appear in any snapshots after 03:27pm, she is not in the 03:29pm or the 03:45pm snapshot or the 03:59pm event. Trying to understand why. Ideas and suggestions welcome.

Hi @User000. It sounds like this could be due to the Motion Frequency setting you have for your Doorbell. Ring’s Motion Frequency algorithm is an internal program that runs inside of your Ring device. It analyzes the traffic patterns of detected motions, looking for repetitive patterns. When it detects such a pattern, it essentially “sleeps” your device for a certain period of time, cutting down the number of motion alerts you’ll get from the same set of stimuli. The more time a repetitive pattern of motion continues, the longer the time between issuing motion alerts. You can learn more about Motion Frequency and how to adjust it in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: