Video Doorbell 2 fault checking

Hello. I’m not sure if my battery is at fault or if it’s the doorbell. I charged battery 2 weeks ago, and indeed orange and green lights were on to indicate charging. When charged fully, 1 green light on. Reinserted battery, all worked fine. 2 weeks later, got an email saying battery low so took out battery, plugged in to charge, no orange light, just green, to indicate it’s still fully charged. Reinserted battery into door bell, circular blue ring came on for about 3 revolutions then went off. Even pressing the bell button there was no response. Rechecked battery and still green light indicating fully charged. Is there anyway I can check if it’s the bell or the battery please? The product is 2 years old.

Hi @CarlC1. I would start by performing a reset on your doorbell. To do this, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Once that is complete, reconnect it to wifi. This will prompt your doorbell to have a quick update and then it should work as normal.

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