Video Doorbell 2 causes buzzing at chime

I had the exact same problem. After one year of no issues at all, the Ring doorbell wouldn’t turn on and the doorbell chime would buzz and half ring every 30 seconds or so. Super annoying!

It turned out that the wires connecting to the Ring doorbell was shorted! The wire insulation had worn out and the bare wires were touching each other. I was able to fix by wrapping electrical tape over the exposed parts of the wire.


Switching to mechanical worked for me. It’s been driving me crazy. I replaced my entire unit only to have it buzzing again. Thanks for the real solution. MECHANICAL is what everyone should switch to if they hear that buzzing. Thank you thank you!!!


TwinMommy posted this and it worked for me.

Problem solved.
Devices > click on your device > device settings > general settings > doorbell chime type > switch to MECHANICAL


Thank you, changing the chime settings from “NONE” to “MECHANICAL” in the app has stopped the buzzing! This was in settings for Video Doorbell 2, the Pro which is also installed does not have this setting. Thanks for the post!

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Great job, thanks for your input!

Changing the chime settings from “NONE” to “MECHANICAL” in the app has stopped the buzzing! This was in settings for Video Doorbell 2, the Pro which is also installed does not have this setting.

Thanks for posting!

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My Pros are already set to Mechanical and this is still happening. I got it to stop briefly by turning the breaker off and back on, but a day later, the buzzing continues. Honestly, I installed these 48 hours ago, and have had nothing but problems since! I’ve already spent upwards of $70 more (in addition to the two units) for additional equipment that I didn’t know I would need (a new doorbell transformer and Ring Chime), and it still isn’t working right! video solved the issue for me with my Ring Doorbell Pro.

Here’s the link to the Resistorson Amazon. Very easy to do (and didn’t get shocked either!)

having the exact same issue now.

what did?

There have been lots of complaints about the chime buzz, and I and both my neighbors have had the same issue. After two transformers, a new chime from the approved list I gave up. I purchased a plug-in power supply for the ring and have gone back to original wired doorbell system.
Ring sells a power supply for $30.00, I bought an aftermarket one for $17.00.
We now use the Ring as a motion detection camera that informs via Echo devices.


I have had the same problem with the Ring Pro and from the forums it seems all models exhibit this problem. Basically Ring is turning an open loop system into a closed loop system resulting in some current flowing through the mechanical chime at all times.

This current is enough (depending on temperature etc…) to partially engage the chime at a low frequency ( i am guessing 60hz ) resulting in a buzzing sound.

The voltage across chime is 4 vac in this state is about 4 VAC.

I tried all the suggestions in the forum and only 1 works. That is putting a 10 ohm resistor across the chime terminals. Since the measured voltage was 4 volts I chose a 5W resistor just to be safe. Once install the voltage across the terminals was 1 volt so there was a 3 volt drop across the resistor. This means I could have easily used a smaller 2W resistor. Once I installed the resistor I checked device health and was still at 4000mv so all good.

Remember V*A = W. You want to choose a resistor that has a wattage rating higher than the wattage it will experience. If your voltage across the chime is different make sure you choose the correct wattage.

**This solution worked like a charm and was easy to do. ** I hope it helps some of you that are as frustrated as I was.

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I had the same issue. I read on another site a guy had with the Ring Doorbell Pro swapped the wires over and it fix the problem. Worked for me too. Hope this helps.

Hi, here same issue. Two days ago i bought Ring Doorbell Pro from Blackfriday sale from Finland. I would descripe that noise as Buzz / Burr more that Hum. Noise start 2 days after installation the device. Installation process was challenging too here because mainly doorbells usually works here with batery power instead of main power. I had to do electrical work first. I pull old doorbell away totally to replase doorbell location over the door with Europen socet where i bought and set Chimes Pro where is nightligh and Wifi amplifier for Ring products. Even i remove Chime Pro from socket buzz is still there so it not come from chime pro. Noise seems to become from transformer what came from same packet with Doorbell. Transformer is connected between doorbell and socket. Hum / Buzzing noise cannot be heads in doorbell video si its stay in transformer. Before i install transformer what came with Ring Doorbell i mesure voltages from all sets voltage values was not all same as they explain. 12 AVC was 12 AVC yes, but 16 AVC gave 18 AVC and 24 AVC gave 30 AVC. This was electrical values before doorbell was connected so without electrical load. So i m not sure is that normal some prodicts it is, but i m quite unexpriece from 24 voltage devices in home, because here is very difficult even find normal doorbell with main power connection with 24 ACV. If find cost is somewhere 120 € so chime is only 60 % of that price and it is smarder device. Buzz just start today so story might continue later. I got very sensitive hearing. I quite sure that there was very quite buzz already in installation day so now it just get louder and i can hear it other head of same room. What i still notise, noise start after i set / change doorbell button shell color and connect small screw under Ring doorbell hull.

MikeTx’s recommendation of a 10ohm, 5W resister across the chime connectors seems to have solved the buzzing problem for me. Thank you for posting the recommendation.

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Nope. Thus di not work

I’m going to try @MikeTx tip about the resistors, but be aware his Amazon link points to 1/2 W resistors, not 5W. You may turn your chimes into a lightbulb

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Did not work for me. I got a giant 5W resistor that did not even get warm to the touch, but also did not stop the buzzing. Maybe the buzzing was less, I’m not sure. Maybe a different resistance would work but I have no idea how to guess a value

My Ring video doorbell 2 is buzzing non-stop after 30 minutes of use.
I’ve called Technical support and they offered me a replacement for the Ring device itself.
I’ll let the community know if this helped.
Thank you.

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After searching for HOURS for a solution I finally came across an thread that said to try removing your ring doorbell device from the alexa app. IT WORKED! I have been trying for 2 days to fix my problem and this finally worked. I no longer get notifications through my alexa devices but no more humming or buzzing and also both mechanical chimes fire the way they are supposed to.