Video Doorbell 2 causes buzzing at chime

Two days ago I noticed a buzzing noise coming from our doorbell chime. I found that one of the chime strikers was vibrating quite a bit causing the buzzing. The Video Doorbell 2 was working fine. The rear doorbell (just a button) worked but would sound strange if you held down the button.

I assumed it was a bad transformer (original to the house, 30 years old) so I ordered a doorbell kit (chime + 16VAC-10VA transformer). Installed the new transformer tonight, turned the power back on, still buzzing. I guess it’s the chime? Power off, replaced the chime, power on, still buzzing (but quieter, probably the new chime).

Voltage at the chime is ~16VAC. With the Video Doorbell 2 connected, I’m seeing < 5VAC at the Ring device. With the device disconnected, I’m seeing ~18VAC at the wires and there’s no buzzing.

I’m assuming there’s an internal fault in the device that’s causing an issue. It was purchased in October 2019 from Woot as a used device. It appears to have just been an open box because it was flawless and still had all the protective plastic attached.

Has anyone had something like this happen?

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Hey @nelliott500. What type of internal chime kit do you have? You can check to see if the device is compatible by reviewing our list here, but if it shows as compatible, this would be great to follow up with our support team on. To follow up with our support team, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

This is the chime kit I just installed yesterday:

It’s not listed on your approved list but I refuse to believe the chime is the issue. Everything was working fine for eight months up until a few days ago with nothing changed. I’ve also found report online from other folks who have had the same issue. Replace the Ring device and the issue is fixed.

I’ll try calling your support team. However I don’t expect any assistance since the product is out of warranty (open box purchase through

@nelliott500 Since it is not on the compatible list, this may be why, but no worries, our support team can troubleshoot this further to find the root cause of it. Let me know how this goes, as I’m curious what they find out for you!

My Ring video doorbell 2 is buzzing non-stop after working well for 6 months. I replaced the doorbell chime with a Heath Zenith 2735 from the approved list - same issue. I then replaced the transformer with a new 16V 30va transformer recommended for Ring, same issue. The internal mechanical doorbell works perfectly, the Ring does not. All wiring has been triple checked. The Ring will notify me when someone or motion is detected via smart devices but I have had to disconnect the wire from the Ring at the chime to stop buzzing and slightly depressed plunger in the chime (exact same problem as old chime) Did the Ring itself fail - is there a fix???

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My exact same situation (randomly started buzzing after 7 months, replaced transformer, replaced chime, still buzzing, motion worked fine, back door mechanical doorbell worked fine). It was the Video Doorbell 2 unit. I replaced it and the buzzing immediately stopped.

Doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about the product.


Is there any reason to believe that the new Ring will last any longer that 6 to 7 months? I really don’t want to keep buying these things.

Not a clue. I couldn’t find a lot of info about this buzzing issue so it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem but there are definitely other people experiencing it. Yours will be covered by warranty if it’s less than a year old. Mine wasn’t because I purchased an open box unit.

I purchased a New Ring 2 and noticed a buzzing noise from the start. I changed the transformer and also changed the doorbell with one from the ring 2 compatible list Nutone LA139WH and the new doorbell is still buzzing lick the old one did. Does Ring have a resolution to this issue?

I am not aware of a solution. I recently shared my issue with a realtor who told me that based on his experience many Ring 2 users have buzzing at the chime and most users have simply disconnected the wire at the chime to stop it.
I also replaced the transformer and chime with no better luck.
Next video doorbell will be anything but Ring

Hi neighbors! If you’ve already checked out our Chime Compatibility list here, I recommend also checking for wiring variables such as spliced, thin, or old wiring. Please also ensure there is no diode being used, especially if you are using a mechanical chime kit.

Depending on Video Doorbell model, there should also be a chime selection setting in your Doorbell’s device settings, in the Ring app. This will allow you to choose what type of chime is in your home.

If the above steps do not resolve your concern with buzzing, check out our help center article about wiring your Doorbell directly to a transformer. Many neighbors will use this option, and add a Ring Chime for sound. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

It’s very clearly not a chime issue. Approved chime or not, replacing the Video Doorbell 2 unit fixes it. The problem is in the Ring unit itself.


Agree, not a chime or wiring issue. I purchased a chime from the approved list and new transformer with no improvement.

Go into your device’s general settings, and then change your doorbell chime type to mechanical. We had it on digital before, and that is what was causing the issue. Problem solved.
Devices > click on your device > device settings > general settings > doorbell chime type > switch to MECHANICAL


That’s not an option for all devices so, unfortunately, it’s not problem solved. That also wouldn’t be the reason for the buzzing to start when the device is 8 months old.

Hi @nelliott500! If you’ve confirmed your chime kit is compatible, the power supply is sufficient, the wiring is uniform, and changing the chime type in the Ring app did not resolve your concern, this may require a more in depth look. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I just installed Ring and the buzz from the chime has started. I then disconnected Ring and put back the old mechanical doorbell and the chime does not buzz. I then put Ring back in and the chime buzzes. There is definitely an issue, likely related to impedance on the Ring output that is lower than the chime input impedance, causing an increase in current and hence a buzz. What should I do?

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It fixed my buzzing issue.

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I’m having this exact same issue. All circuits and charge checked. The buzzing caused my old compatible mechanical doorbell chime to wear out and I’ve even replaced with all new compatible components. Buzzing persists and mechanical doorbell no longer chimes when Ring 2 doorbell is pressed.

I’ve even removed and reinstalled my Ring 2 in the app.

My Ring 2 has only been installed for 10 months. However I bought it June 2019, so technically I’ve had it over a year. ?

Need a solution, please.

The fix for me was in the wiring. When the camera body was screwed onto the wall tightly, it apparently crimped the wiring in such a way the NuTone KB-10 chime would have a constant hum or buzz and would not work. When I loosened the screws a bit, the hum went away and it worked. The problem as I see it is there is no room for the wiring between the back of the ring unit and the wall. I got frustrated with the lack of information that would help me. I called customer service and he had me switch the wiring at the terminals on the back of the camera body and, viola!, it worked. Thinking that made a difference, I thanked the rep, said goodbye, and screwed the body back on the wall…tight. The hum returned and the chime would not work. Then I decided to loosen the unit off the wall just a hair. The chime worked and hum went away. I sort of stumbled on this solution, but that’s how I realized what my problem was. As I write this, the best solution will be to cut a hole big enough in the wall where you can fit all the wiring and connectors (if used), back into the wall so there will be no crimping. I hope this is clear and helpful for the next customer having similar issues.