Video Doorbell (1st Gen) wiring

Hi Have just been given a Video Doorbell (1st Gen) wanted to know what i need to do to get power to the unit as I don’t fancy having to charge it. Currently i have a Bell chime thing not sure what its called looking to take this out wanted to know if i would have to replace it with this DIN Rail Transformer for Wired Video Doorbells – Ring and this Enclosure for DIN Rail Transformer (DIN Rail Transformer - 2nd Gen, an – Ring so basically wanted to confirm if the transformer i mentioned would work with this model

Hi @jamiei543. Neither of the DIN rail transformers you’ve selected not are compatible with the 1st generation Video Doorbell. I would suggest using this Plug-In Adapter Gen 2 to power your device.

The power adapter would not be possible as no power near the door and i wanted to avoid putting new holes for cable which is why i was looking at the DIN rail as can reuse the power to the current bell and reuse the cables already in the wall. Also the specs look very similar to the power plug you listed what are the differences? if i got 2nd gen would the DIN rail work then?

Hi @jamiei543. I apologize, as there was an error in my response. The DIN rail transformer is NOT compatible with the 1st Gen Ring Video Doorbell. The only power source that is available and compatible with that doorbell would be the Plug-In Adapter Gen 2. You can view more information about this HERE.

Resolved this by installing a Byron 776 Wired Doorbell, with Integrated 8 V Transformer Chime works and powers the Video Doorbell

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