Video doorbell (1st gen) wi-fi disconnected, will not reboot

Hardwired video doorbell (1st gen). Has been disconnecting from wifi several times recently. Orange button reboot usually fixes the matter. This time, I can’t do the reboot. When removing the doorbell from the hardwiring, it seems to act like the battery is dead. Holding the orange button does nothing. When I return the doorbell to the hardwiring, I see solid white circle.

Not a wifi strength problem, no change in wifi service or password.

Hi @user54508. The Doorbell you have has a battery in it that is trickle-charged when hardwired. Since it is not responding once removed from the wires, try charging the Doorbell for 6–8 hours using a micro USB cable, then reset it again using the setup button. If it starts going into setup mode again, you will have to reconnect it to your wifi. If it is still unresponsive after trying these steps, give our support team a call for further assistance.

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