Video Doorbel version 1, Blue led keeps circling for minutes after pushing button

Hi , i’ve got a strange problem , my doorbell is working but when i push the button the blue led stays circling for almost 5 minutes, sometimes it stops after a minute but ussualy it’s much longer , anybody knows about this problem ?

Thx for the help!

Greetings, Werner

Hey @jepe63. Are you pressing the setup button or the button for dinging the Doorbell? If you press the setup button (orange normally), this will make the Doorbell go into Setup mode, which expires after about 5-10 minutes of not setting it up (if it’s offline). If you’re pressing the Doorbell button, but your device is offline, it could be putting itself into setup mode to alert you it’s offline.

If your Doorbell is online, when you press the setup button, it will spin as well, letting you know it’s “activating,” turning on, and recording since it just had the button pushed. This is normal activity!

no, its not the orange botton i push, its the normal bell button, then the blue ring spins for minutes

@jepe63 The blue ring will spin when it is capturing a recording, such as a motion event, or for you, when you ding the Doorbell, it must record who is on the other side. After recording, it will be processing the video and providing it to you via your cloud service, and this may take some time and still spin during this too.