Video Doorbel 2 - No motion notifications although getting doorbell notifications when doorbell button is pushed


I’ve been using my doorbell 2 for 6 months+ and everything worked great.
All of the sudden - I stopped getting motion notifications.
When. pushing the doorbell button - it works as expected, seems like my iPhone notifications work, it’s just motion events are non existing.
Anyone having the same issue? Anybody from ring can chime in? (no pun intended…)

Also, I’d love to reset the device but for some reason I can’t take the cover off, even though I unscrewed the safety screw from the bottom (do I just need to pull really hard or is there anything I’m missing?)

Thanks ahead

Hi @zvoykish. With the Ring app open, try selecting your Doorbell from your devices list. Once selected, toggle off Motion Alerts and close your app. Then, open the Ring app back up and toggle Motion Alerts back on. This should allow Motion Alerts to work!

This issue started with my ring 2 yesterday after working fine for over a year and just tried your fix and it doesn’t work.

Same. My ring 2 worked fine for several months since purchasing. And just yesterday it stopped pushing me the notifications for motion detection. I tried everything I could think of, the method mentioned above as well…removed my ring app and reinstalled, took the battery out of the device and reinstalled…nothing worked.

I still get notifications when doorbell is pressed but the motion detection isn’t coming through.

This also happened to me! I’ve had my Ring 2 for 1.5+ years or so. Two days ago I just stopped getting ANY notifications at all on the app, even if the doorbell is rung. The motion activity is still recorded, but I have no idea that it’s happened. I’ve tried to troubleshoot it and nothing has worked. Very frustrating!

I called yesterday and they told me they are doing a software update that will affect notifications for at least 24 hours

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We’ve had our ring for almost 1.5 years and this past week it just stopped sending notifications to our phones. We have uninstalled and reinstalled, updated firmware, turned everything off and back on again, and NOTHING!! It still is not sending notifications. It is still working and recording but just not letting me know. Very frustrating!

Hi there, neighbors! If motion notifications have stopped working despite settings remaining the same, please go through your motion detection options to ensure all are set as desired. Double check the motion scheduling and modes settings as well. Next, please disable People Only Mode, trigger a motion detection event, and then re-enabled People Only Mode, via the steps shared in our help center article.

If this concern is persisting for you, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I do have a same issue since two days ago so I called support team 5 times yesterday and did what they are instructed and it was working again in first few times and not working at all later. I think there is no solutions now until fixed updated app released.

And support team said that I should setup as re-enable the alert button when I do not received the notification repeatably which I do not understand at all.