Video door bell setup problem

I have the original doorbell. I have just now unpacked it. I fully charged it and when I try to add it through the app I join the ring network, then select my Wi-Fi (all of my other devices work just fine). Scan the MAC id (ok), then prompted to joint Ring ####, ok then Connect you…Setup failed by left blinking white light and mobile app is giving notification unable to join the network Ring ###, I tried so many times and also try by changing Wi-Fi passwords but not succeed yet please help.

Please help if anyone know that problem

Hi @MuhammadZahidMustafa. I would suggest changing a few settings on your phone. First, make sure that Bluetooth is off, Location is on and permissions are enabled and that you are not using a VPN. You’ll also want to make sure that your Wifi assist (located in your iPhone settings under cellular, all the way at the bottom) is turned off. Next, reset your doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button, and then try the setup again. Let me know if this works.