Video Door Bell Pro - Over Voltage Ring Transformer

I have 5 Ring devices and a current Protect Plus annual plan.

My devices are:

1 > Video Doorbell 1 - 5 years old still going strong

2 > Spotlight CAM - 2018

3&4 > 2 off, Stick Up CAMS - 2019 and 2020

5>Video Door Bell Pro - Chime Pro Kit - June 2018

My problem is Item 5, which has crashed.

I have tried everything advised by Ring but got nowhere. There a no lights, and it does not connect to any network (Chime Pro or WiFi). I rebooted my WiFi router twice. All other devices on my WiFi are working fine.

I have checked for power on the rear of the Video Door Bell Pro AC power is there.

I have checked the device specs which state…. 16-24 VAC, 40VA max, 50/60Hz.

A large Ring transformer came in the box. The Ring Transformer shows on its label max output 24VAC.

HOWEVER, this Ring transformer is delivering 27 VAC RMS (which is 34VAC peak).

The excessive voltage explains the short life of the Video Door Bell Pro that I purchased.

Please note I am a Chartered Electrical and Electronic engineer. I have gone well beyond the average user to check this Ring Video Door Bell Pro device.

HOWEVER, this Ring transformer is delivering 27 VAC RMS (which is 34VAC peak). The transformer is a simple device, and it could not suddenly deliver 12%-40% overvoltage. It is, therefore, reasonable to assume that the Video Door Bell was over-voltage and stressed since the day of installation.

The conclusion is the Video Door Bell Pro has expired early in its life due to sustained over-voltage. It is not typical for Ring Devices which have a good reliability reputation.

Feel free to refer these comments to your technical team. If they wish they can examine the Video Door Bell Pro and the Ring Transformer.

I trust you can help resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Many thanks


Hey @AMCD. Thank you for detailing your experience, troubleshooting and further research needed to determine what has happened to your Doorbell Pro to cause the short life of the device. In order to get the device replaced since you are an active Ring Protect Plus Plan subscriber, you will need to be in contact with our support team directly for this. Since you have mentioned you are in Australia, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. Please let me know how the support team handles this for you! :slight_smile:

Thank you Chelsea, however…

The link you gave me in your reply ( only shows UK and Europe, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.

There appears no way to get a support / customer assitance number or email to get a replacement here in Australia. I assume you are in USA. The last time I had a problem (with my user name) I was put in touch with and the issue was quickly resolved

Please advise as soon as possible. I think your solution for a replacement is just fine but where do I go from here?

Best regards AMCD

@AMCD Thanks for getting back to me, and my apologizes! I almost didn’t realize that the Australia contacting information was not clear on there for our neighbors. If you can, please call during the UK and Europe availability, but please call either of our Australian numbers here: [61 2 8294 9169 or 1 300 205 983.](tel:61 2 8294 9169)

The UK and Europe availability is our “International English” helpline, and those hours of operation for them will be how you can contact them. was a support channel that you could use prior, but we have since shutdown email support through that email at this time. Let me know if you’re able to get in touch with our teams at either of those numbers I provided prior! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea…

I finally got through to RIng Support ( in Cairo)…

A replacement is being sent.

I was told…

The original Doorbell transformer as supplied should not be connected to the Doorbell Pro even though the instructions and the diagrams showed that a direct connection was required. Apparently another small white device (PPK) is also needed to moderate the transformers’s high voltages. This was never supplied in the original box and does not even appear in the instructions or parts list which I still have.

See attached diagram as sent to me by your excellent support agent Ahmed…

Everything now makes sense and the issue is resolved. I am looking forward to getting the replacement.

Thanks for your help Chelsea.


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@AMCD Amazing and so glad he was there to help clear up this concern, as well as get you a nice device. Feel free to let me know how the new setup goes and it all is well after the fact. Hope you are always staying safe and well! :smiley_cat: