Video door bell pro new style, new box

I purchased my Ring video door bell pro from Bed bath and Beyond. The unit would not broadcast, wifi defective or something else. Voltage was 19.6 volts so I new my transformer was good. I returned them to the store 2 times because of the same issue. The 3rd one I received at the store, I noticed this was a different box. I took it home and what do you know it was a diiferent form factor on back of the unit. This looked like an updated version. The paper work was also different. They knew there was a manufacturing problem going on. I hooked it up and bam it was broadcasting . I was happy until I installed the app on my android phone. My wife has the app on her iphone 8 and works anywhere anytime there is a signal. My oneplus 6t Mclaren lastest update, and I have tried everthing. So here is what is happening get this. . I install the app at home or away and it works. I get live view and history and the day is off for live view. Very little sound and my wife say she can here me outside. now for the good part after a little while could be 2hrs or more or after all night the app quits working and can not see video. But I still get notifications. They want to charge for monthly service yea right. I hope this helps all.