Video Door Bell hang every couple of days!

I have a Door Bell pro…Starting in November the unit hang every couple of days…I have to kill power to get the unit back online…call support and so far is been really frustrating…the fallow a script…the issue is not network…the last time this happend was 12/25, was down for 1.5 days, I reset the power, the unit is back online…support still dont get it! Call center in Philippines …US Customer!

Really disapointed…got this unit in 2017…been working fine… until now!

Sorry to hear about this concern persisting. If a power cycle to the device is obtaining expected operation with your Video Doorbell Pro, then it may very well be a power-related variable. The best things to check first would be transformer age/ rating, wire length/ gauge, and that the Pro Power Kit is installed correctly as well.

Keep in mind, a network time out concern due to signal strength could lead to similar-sounding symptoms. I recommend using the 2.4 GHz network rather than the 5Ghz, for reliability over distance and through exterior walls and ensuring your device’s RSSI sufficient.

If the above does not help in resolving this concern, our support team would be able to assist best with the next steps. Feel free to check back here, as a neighbor may also share some recommendations! :slight_smile: