Video distortion

This only happens at night with motion and live view, any idea whats happening ?

This is odd to see, @Mltoys123! As you mentioned this only happens at night, this could be power related. Often times, video concerns are network related, due to wifi signal being crucial for video. If you’ve checked your device health RSSI in the Ring app and it looks good, the best next step is to check power.

Charging the battery if it is low is a good step. If you have an externally powered Video Doorbell, such as a Ring Pro, it’s best to check power variables, wiring, and installation factors such as the pro power kit being properly installed.

Feel free to let us know how this goes, as well as confirm what device is being used here if you are needing more assistance. :slight_smile:

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thank you, I will look into your suggestions.

I’m experiencing the same issue. I get interference-like white lines across the picture but only at night! Day time picture quality is fine. Did you find a solution in the end?

sorry I didn’t figure it out yet

Actually, changing the battery to a fully charged one seems to have cured it for me. Strange though, as it’s never been a problem in the past with low battery levels.

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I was just going to put the same thing about fully charged battery. Now I will keep track of the battery percent when it starts happening.

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