Video DB2 inoperable (again)

Update on my previously reported problem with VDB2 connection state being out of sync with server/cloud reported state. A day and a half later the server/cloud side figured out the VDB2 was offline. The app then let me reset the VDB2, downloaded a new firmware push and it was back on line for a few hours. However we had a 13 hr internet service outage and since the resoration I am back with internet service but the VDB2 is not online and is useless right now for video. Not completely useless as it will ring the mechanical door bell.

So now I am back the waiting game for the server/cloud side of the house to figure out the true state of the VDB2 is offline. In the meantime the VDB2 is dead in the water.

There is a fundemental flaw with the status and provisioning model used by ring. There must be a way for the user from the server/cloud side to the able to initiate a test for downlink VDB2 conectivity. Waiting for an unknown or random time window is a very poor design/architecture decision.

Get back to fixing basic operation for the VDB2 especially for these recovery cases. I am contemplating adding more video and home automation to the premise but these problems lately have thrown up a big red flag on ring capabilities and performance. I will reserve judgement until this item is resolved and how stable it is over time.

To close the loop on this issue the VDB2 went offline by this morning. I then went thru the reset dance again and got it back online and operational. I had no motion detection thru the day and after work I investigated further and found my Motion Settings had been changed. I adjusted them to my needs and so far the DB is performing and behaving ilke it did a couple of weeks ago. Now lets see if it can string a few days together with no further issues …