Video Compression

Has anyone noticed that the video live view and recording quality have deteriorated since circa 17th June 22? Seems as if the videos have excessive compression that deteriorates further when there is movement (E.g. a person). Two static image examples provided from the 16th June and today.

I’ve not had any hardware (modem, mesh router) changes. Using Ring App iOS v5.51.0. One example is via a Ring Video Doorbell Pro connected to a Chime Pro Network (RSSI -49 to the router and also RSSI -49 to the Doorbell Pro). The other example is a Ring Stick Up Cam Elite 2nd Generation connected with an Ethernet cable.


Hi @InsiderMINI. I suggest rebooting your router. Sometimes internet speeds and connection strength can deteriorate over time if your router is not rebooted frequently. Let me know if this helps!

Tried your suggestion of rebooting the router, but unfortunately there is no improvement.

Hi @InsiderMINI. Bummer! You can also try switching your WiFi channel that your device is located on, and ensure that you are using the correct ports and protocols. Sometimes, there can be too many devices connected to a specific channel, causing congestion and ultimately a degradation in video quality. You can learn about changing you channels here, and your ports and protocols here.

As a final test, you can connect this doorbell to a WiFi hotspot to see if that gives you a better video. This will let you know if this is network related, or device related. Let me know if this yields improvement!

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, however this would not affect the

Hi @InsiderMINI. Did this work for your Doorbell?