Video Clips Can NOT be Displayed!

Suddenly, I can no longer view ANY video clips that were created by my wired Ring doorbell in the last 24+ hours. Nothing I’ve tried so far fixes the problem.

It’s not clear what caused this problem. Some complications, however, include:

  • Apparently, a Cloudflare outage occurred yesterday (i.e., on 06/21/22) that negatively impacted Ring customers.
  • Ring may have attempted to perform an automatic firmware update on the impacted device.
  • The Ring device which is experiencing the problem uses Ring’s End-to-End Encryption feature.

Some additional information:

  • I’m assuming it’s NOT a Ring app problem since the same problem occurs on multiple computing devices.
  • I can view “older” video clips on the problematic Ring device (i.e., that were created a couple of days ago) – just not ones that were created in the last 24+ hours.
  • I can view both older and newer video clips from other Ring devices.
  • Surprisingly, Ring’s Live View feature works on the problematic device (albeit with the same problem I reported in another Ring Community thread). I am UNABLE, however, to view the video clips resulting from using the Live View feature (if the video clips were created in the last 24+ hours).
  • The RSSI for the impacted device has consistently been “45" (or lower/better) since the problem began.
  • The Transformer Voltage has consistently been shown as “Good” in the Ring app since the problem first appeared.
  • The reason I suspect that a Ring firmware update may be at least partially at fault is that automatic Ring firmware updates seemingly occurred on other devices this morning.
  • My Ring subscription renewal date is months away.

Obviously, time is of the essence in fixing the problem. Worse yet, I have an incredibly busy schedule and don’t have time to waste in attempting to fix the problem.

Thurs, any (helpful) insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

Is anyone using the Ring End-to-End Encryption feature?

If so, are you still able to view video clips?