Video capture started too late

Is there a setting that I can edit to start the recording as soon as motion is detected?

My last video, my recording started as the person at the door was leaving, and not from the time there was motion. This has led to my inability to see who stole an Amazon package from my doorstep.

This really defeats the purpose of having a Ring bell camera.

Here is the link to the video:

Sorry to hear about this, @sfotoohi. Motion detection can certainly be optimized through settings. Zones, sensitivity, frequency, and even people only mode can help with recordings and alerts depending on your device model. For a Doorbell 3 Plus, there is a Pre-Roll feature designed to capture a few seconds of an event prior to the motion. Check out our help center article for more information on this.

Besides motion settings, mounting angle and positioning can make a difference in timing of capture. A Doorbell mounted in an enclosed area, or at the top of stairs, or on a perpendicular wall, can make it difficult to capture visitors as they approach the entryway. Adjusting this mounting with a new mounting location or Wedge/ Corner kit for angle, can certainly improve the detection of a person as they approach, giving more time to capture and record motion events. I hope this helps!