Video camera - remote troubleshooting?


I just drove 12 hours, set up my system, stayed there 12 hours (during which time my only video camera disconnected once), then drove back and got some sleep. Woke up to find out the camera had disconnected again. Is there a way to troubleshoot remotely? I can’t be there to reset the camera every time it goes down.

Good question @bek1! Of course, the setup itself must be performed in person and completed securely in the Ring app following the steps. You are able to monitor your devices in the Device Health section of the Ring app, but if you are needing to perform a reset or connection to the network is lost, this will have to be resolved on site. Keep in mind, if it is just a momentary interference in wifi signal your Ring devices should reconnect automatically upon signal being available. You can also reach out to our support team anytime, who can assist further with specific troubleshooting steps to take. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I’ll be honest, I’m discouraged. I’ve had a Nest in my primary home ever since it came out, and never had a problem in all that time. I put my Ring camera up, and same day it goes out and I have no way to be here to babysit it, so I simply don’t have a camera now. I need something that reconnects if there is a problem. I can only hope my motion sensors are working properly. I already contacted support and they can’t help without me being there to troubleshoot. Of course, if I were there, I probably wouldn’t need them anyway.