Video Camera Don't want to load

The chime let you know someone is at the door but camera won’t load to show who it is so I just have to go see. This have been going since I got the ring about two months ago. It also doesn’t pickup individuals all the time. I was trying to see who stole my dog toys of the porch so I went through the videos and you see that toys there then the next video the toys was gone. I’m starting to think I wasted my money.

Hi @QueenB1. What is the RSSI for your device? When trying to view the Live View, are you on wifi or cellular data? What type of phone are you using and is the OS and Ring app up to date? Is there a VPN in use? All of these will contribute to your ability to Live View.

I would also check your Motion Settings and your Motion Frequency to ensure that your camera is performing optimally. If you share a screenshot of your settings, I’m sure the Community can provide some helpful tips. :slightly_smiling_face: