Video and audio don’t work on the ring video door bell

I am tired spend almost half a day resetting doing it again and again used different phone different positions sat it next to the router and even where I place the door bell I get min 100mps download and 32mbps upload if that is freaking not enough I have nothing else to say RING happens to be a fraudulent company and it’s probably infected with _____ and using this as an excuse why do I need to go to a forum for my issue to be resolved.

Hi @Tushar83 - we’re sorry to hear about your experience. Can you please let us know more specific detail as to what is going on with your device? Is this the first time you set your device up? Also, we are cleaning up your post as it goes against our Community Guidelines. Please be mindful of your posts on the Community. We’re here to help, but will not stand for trolling. Thank you.

Gotta say, took a whole day and 12 hrs of night to find it all of sudden working in the morning without me doing anything. How it happened I don’t know I did nothing. Maybe servers issue. Sorry for my frustration at the start but there could be some improvements such as proper explanations of the light meaning and better troubleshooting…let me tell you just to test the capability I have put the door bell 16 meters away from the outdoor router and it’s working, yes I have a strong router I do get great signal strength down there, yes maybe it’s WiFi receiver could be improved but I am totally satisfied. Sorry for my frustrated comments.

Also when somebody is trying to troubleshoot and looking for support a definite confidence is also built when going to support page it also states an email of the company I can reach along with community help forum. That option should be there. When you read for more issues find it in community help doesn’t throw in a good light at times. Gives out mixed signal. Of course having both I would have been searching community help but what if I can’t find, at least I have emailed and yes I would need to be patient with the reply but mentally I am at peace that my issue would probably be looked at responded by the company that’s all.

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