Vibration alert

Hi, I’ve just got my first ring devices, doorbell 3 and motion cam.

I’m using an iPhone with the latest iOS and latest ring app. I generally have my phone set to vibrate all the time I.e. no sound. When someone rings the doorbell I get a single short vibrate which is easy to miss. I would expect the vibrate to continue for longer like it would for an incoming phone call. In the app I can find how to adjust the notification sound but not how to adjust the notification vibrate setting. Can anyone point me in the direction as I’m pretty much going to miss any rings of my doorbell currently thus defeating the point of the product.


Hey @DaveReid. Since the notification you receive when someone is at your door is triggered only once like standard push notifications, it follows the default vibration pattern that your phone uses for notifications. This differs from a phone call, where the notification is ongoing until the call is missed. On iOS, you should have the option to change the vibration pattern within your phone’s settings, however, this will apply for all push notifications.

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