Very unhappy

Very unhappy right now. Doing a search here, it seems lots of others have the same issue as I do. Since a few days now, the button on my ring doorbell pro is hard and takes very hard pushing to make the bell ring. The button was not hard before and soft to push. I called for support the lady said I will get a replacement then after being on hold she comes back and lets me know she can’t do it after all cause the warranty is expired. Only had this bell for a bit more than 2 years, and it’s already gone to crap. Well, then she shouldn’t have said so until she checked that first. Now I am stuck with a doorbell that won’t ring because people won’t know they have to press really hard to make the button work. All she offered was a 35% off a new one, well that’s not in my budget. Why is the button hard to the touch and hard to push? There has to be a reason, there has to be a fix.

Maybe someone broke the button by pressing too hard and that is why it isn’t functioning properly?