Very unhappy video results

I have a doorbell ring that hangs from my garage. Night vision is pretty good. Living room camera actually works through my double pane windows. Toad Camera has a outside light that helps but even so it sees great without it. All of my cameras see good at night. But got a new spotlight camera and it’s terrible. And now the porch light was okay but now is bothering it. I’ve turned the porch light off and even turned the camera light on. it don’t help. I would have to run an extension cord and a wire up that tree for a wired camera. I like the camera facing my house and to see the driveway and road and this is perfect. Earlier I didn’t have that glare spot now I do from the porch light. Not very good camera quality for 200 bucks.

I wasn’t able to put up all the pictures I had of this situation. I was gonna buy 3 more of these till I saw this result. Terrible picture quality compared to the stick up cams. The IR LEDs should be showing through clear plastic not cloudy. It causes the IR to be weak and hence the poor picture quality

These two pictures are with my porch light off and the one is with the light on the camera on. Still poor quality video. Totally unacceptable and I put it about 9 feet off the ground like it said to do.

Well it seems I can’t put up any other pictures of the porch light off and the camera light on