Very short video on Ring Events

I have been getting very short recordings (2-5 seconds) on Answered and Missed Ring events, with the video starting very late, almost catching none of the activity.

Motion Recordings are always more than a minute long.

This has been happening since early October, and was working good before that.

This is a Doorbell Pro, firmware 2.1.01005.

Voltage and Wifi Signal are both good.

Hey @deanb2, have you tried resetting your Doorbell Pro and make sure it’s getting appropriate power? You can do this by holding the reset button for 30 seconds after checking the voltage from your transformer to the Pro and wiring. In addition, you can disconnect the power after the reset and then reconnect the power a minute later. From there, observe the videos over the next couple days and see if the recordings are longer!

Wifi and Power are good.

Motion Recordings are good

Ring Recordings are very short and start after the doorbell has been pressed.