Very short battery life

Please can anyone help? Our Ring doorbell needs charging once a week. I know from my friends that theirs last a lot longer than this. It’sa real pain. We have a Wifi booster but that doesn’t seem to help. Ring have changed or doorbell once already as they couldn’t get to the bottom of it either! However even with an exchange we are having the same problem

Sorry to hear about this, @sara31171. The battery certainly should not be draining this quickly. Each time you are charging the battery, it is best to ensure the battery is charging to 100% for maximum time between necessary charging.

There are factors that can drain your battery quicker than normal. Too many events, frequent long live views, cold temperature, and wifi signal interference can all cause the battery to drain quicker. It sounds like you are taking steps to improve wifi connection, and our Community post about RSSI might help further. Additionally, here is our Community post about battery drain for more tips on optimizing battery charge life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: