Very poor performance of video served via on windows 11

After discovering that the desktop windows app for ring is no longer functional I have been attempting to use the features of my multiple cameras via
Unfortunately this is not workable as the video performance using chrome or edge browsers is very poor. Most times the video will stream for a few seconds then just stop, other times it will be very pixelated, stutter and then stop. Using the app on my android phone with the same network and the streams are fine. I tested using chromium on linux mint with the web app and it was better but still not as reliable as the original windows desktop application.
Right now I am unable to use my 3 cameras due to the web app being unable to reliably stream video that will play for more than a few seconds and be of a quality that you would expect from a security camera. Looking at the console in chrome the number of errors being thrown by the web page is ridiculous - APIBaseClient errors galore.

Hi @AndyJS. You shared the same concern on this post, and I have responded with what the next best step is.

After a bit of investigation I have discovered the following:
I have 2 ethernet connections to my pc - 1 to my broadband router and the other (on a different subnet) straight to my 5g router for failover (working from home etc).
The 5g router is a Hauwei CPE Pro2 connected to vodafone 5g just for the record.
With both network cards enabled (as they always are) streaming from will be blocky and ultimately hang after a few moments. If I disable the network card that;s attached to the Hauwei 5g router I can stream from without issue. If I attempt to stream from the Hauwei router via ethernet or wifi with my broadband routers ethernet connection disabled the stream will be poor and stop or simply not work at all. Now the odd thing here is that the same 5g sim card in my mobile phone is perfectly able to stream via the ring mobile app so I dont believe this is anything to do with the sim card or 5g connection.
Im at a loss now other than having to disable my failover to get a reliable stream from the website.