Very happy with the trial

When I returned from overseas two years ago, I bought this lovely technology considering the nearby crime areas. For the peace of mind of my family, this Ring allowed me to answer the phone few times while being away from home. The video and sound are amazingly accurate if you follow the instructions prior to installing it (charge the battery for 24 hrs). I could see the person (a solicitor) and speak as if I was on the other side of the door or elsewhere in the house. Sometimes the solicitors come under all kind of excuses (losing a dog, needing help for someone who has a heart attack, etc) to collect information about your house: who lives there, is there any alarm installed, can they peek through the door any valuables, does the person look like is wealthy, and so on.

One particular video/ audio was a “slam dunk” piece of evidence that would have been accepted in court and I would have won had I decided to sue against a (private) delivery service that ran over my mailbox. I ultimately recovered the replacement with much headache of emails to the HQ of that company. Should that video not be there, it would have been a hearsay and much speculation of what happened (see below).

I never had technical issues, and the service is always up to expectations. The only regret I have is that I don’t have more such cameras around the property (but the active ADT sensors make up for it).

I wholeheartedly recommend this tool for purchase even though other companies compete on price, functions like keeping the video/ audio recordings come at extra cost which pretty much breaks even with what Ring offers.


Nice! Glad you got them. Glad it was only a mailbox too.