Very confused

Our ring doorbell is hardwired, however it is saying it is at 4%. I did not receive a notification or email regarding this. We need to change the battery on the doorbell, but don’t know how to disconnect the wires to charge the unit.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Strawberry. Would you be able to provide a picture of how you have this mounted and wired? This will give the Community a better idea of how to best assist you. Be sure to shut off any power going to the Doorbell when working with the wires, as these are “live” and current is flowing.

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This was the best image I could get, sorry if this isn’t helpful!

Here is a better one!

Hi @Strawberry. To disconnect the wires, simply use the provided Ring screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the red and white wires, then slide the wires off. Be sure that any power going to the Doorbell is disconnected, as this is a live connection with voltage running through the wires. Once it is disconnected, you can use the charging cable to charge your battery. I hope this helps!