Version 5.47.0 Bug

I installed version 5.47.0 yesterday, bug is still not corrected since application build, ver 5.44.0. When viewing videos in the timeline view on an iPad, in landscape which is how I’ve always used the application, videos are zoomed in, cutting off the top and bottom portion. Squeezing the picture does not correct this. iPad iOS 15.0.2. This causes much frustration as a keypad is attached preventing use in portrait position.

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Mike55 -

The (serious) bug you mentioned is also still present in Ring app (version 5.47.0) on devices running the following:

  • iPadOS (version 14.8.1)
  • iPadOS (version 15.2)

It appears that other serious bugs were not fixed, either.

The Apple App Store page for the Ring app (version 5.47.0) update says “Enjoy a fresh new update, including bug fixes and improvements.”

Is there a list of these so-called “bug fixes” and “improvements” somewhere?

No list that I can find. The application update usually states the same verbiage each time. Enjoy a fresh new app, bla, bla, nothing fresh or new.

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I want to confirm that I have this same issue. But it’s even worse than described:

—In Live View, you gave it scroll up and down to see the top and bottom of the video.
—When watching recorded videos in the Event Timeline, you have to scroll left and right to see the left and right sides of the video.

I’ll be making my own thread about this but wanted to confirm here as well.


Hello Ring King. I’m only having to scroll vertically to see top and bottom of the video, in both time line and live view. Left to right is not cut off for me.

We’ve shared your continued feedback with our teams who’ve confirmed there have been improvements made to zoom and expand screen options. Expanding and collapsing should work as intended, and double tapping the screen can also toggle fit/ fill.

If you are still experiencing this concern, please ensure your Ring app is up to date. For further assistance, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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No, Expanding and collapsing does not work as intended on an iPad in landscape mode. That’s what this thread is about. The problem does not exist in portrait mode. Latest builds and iOS are installed. When a keyboard is attached to an iPad, switching to portrait is not a good option.

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Marley_Ring -

If you look at the various threads/posts on this topic, you’ll notice that the problems were first reported in a thread titled “App Version 5.44.0” on October 3, 2021. Sadly, these problems still exist in Ring app (iPadOS version 5.47.0) on January 10, 2022 – (SEVERAL app versions) and more than THREE MONTHS later.

It’s obviously frustrating for users to see low priority (and unnecessary/inappropriate) changes continue to be made to the Ring app while serious problems remain unresolved. Worse yet, users have to worry about what type of programming bugs (and/or design flaws) may have been introduced every time there is a software (and/or firmware) update.

If you look at successful “community forums” for other types of software, one thing they often have in common is that smart, knowledgeable, highly motivated employees (who have the authority/ability to ensure problems are fixed in a timely manner) often jump into threads, as needed. That is obviously what is needed in this case.

In other words… whoever is responsible for fixing these problems needs to jump into this thread and establish a dialog with iPadOS users who have been negatively impacted by the problems.

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I just installed version 5.48.0 that was released today, 01/19/22. It appears that this bug has finally been addressed and the problem fixed.