Vehicle Detection

Recent fitted a wired stickup camera and have noticed at night that it picks up vehicles that pass by even though they are not within the detection zone. This may be caused by the headlights that cast shadows and beams of light that enter the zone. But why does the camera not detect my own car when on pull into the drive directly in front of the camera with headlights on…? It does not detect anything until I get out of the car…

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There are times when a reflection or change of light from something, like a passing vehicle, can cause a motion alert. Your vehicle can also trigger a motion detection once entering the set zones, but may not if you’ve refined motion alerts for people. Check out this Help Center article for tips on using this motion feature.

As mentioned in the article, if it’s not clear whether a motion event contains people, due to lighting, weather or other conditions, you may still see a motion alert in your Timeline.